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321658-11, ace of monkeys, adopting pixeldragons, alchemy, anakin begin again, angwedh, arithmancy, astronomurder, avenging moogles, basch's potholder collection, battle chocobos, bottoming from the top, building shit in caves, chocobros, daughter of the bier, djem so, doc's pineapple maintenance, eiderdown, elven blacksmiths, end of the line, extra closet space, fathers and sons, fiat justitia, fierce young princesses, flik& viktor's moving service, gender fluidity, generals not floozies, his royal tea-loving kookiness, ikaroi, innercity gardens, jedi libraries, jedi robes, lawyers in love, learning to laugh, lesbian kings of aveh, male white mages, monkeys in sydney's bedchamber, mr. 288, multiple points of articulation, nightsky fireknowledge quicksilver swordfriend, nightswimming, nine armors only, no /wosg/ing way, not-wisely but too-well, odessa castle, okay! bang!!, people who like pickles, points of articulation, power's in the armor, pro-duck, prompto's lucky socks, red letter days, rhs-113, roads to dawn, sea of the sky, second chances, september is coming soon, snape's skill at shotput, spira mirabilis, sporky cats, squid ballet, still yearning unburning, summoning, the millenium potholder, the prosecution rests, the silverberg hot tub, the steel samurai, the wholeblessed black family, the winter schnauzer, theatre ships, three of cups, treehouses, uncle drosselmeyer, undeclared aubergine, vossler's nyuknyuk salsa, waiting for thunderstorms, whiteness of the whale, winterborn boys, without-reward without-remorse without-regret
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